Liu Bei was twenty-eight when the outbreak As a child, Liu Bei played with the other village children beneath this tree, and he would climb up into it, saying, “I am the Son of Heaven, and this is my chariot!” His uncle, Liu Yuanqi, recognized that Liu Bei was no ordinary boy and saw to it that the family did not come to actual want. When Liu Bei was fifteen, his mother sent him traveling for his education. For a time he served Zheng Xuan and Lu Zhi as masters. And he became GREat friends with Gongsun Zan. Liu Bei was twenty-eight when the outbreakRead More →

Meanwhile Zhang Jue led his army into Regent Marshal and Guardian of the Throne, He Jin, memorialized for general preparations against the Yellow Scarves, and an edict called upon everyone to fight against the rebels. In the meantime, three Imperial Commanders——Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, and Zhu Jun——marched against them in three directions with veteran soldiers. Meanwhile Zhang Jue led his army into Youzhou, the northeastern region of the empire*. The Imperial Protector* of Youzhou was Liu Yan, a scion of the Imperial House. Learning of the approach of the rebels, Liu Yan called in Commander Zhou Jing to consult over the position. Zhou Jing said,Read More →

In the first month of the first yea Zhang Jue studied the wonderful book eagerly and strove day and night to reduce its precepts to practice. Before long, he could summon the winds and command the rain, and he became known as the Mystic of the Way of Peace. In the first month of the first year of Central Stability (AD 184), there was a terrible pestilence that ran throughout the land, whereupon Zhang Jue distributed charmed remedies to the afflicted. The godly medicines brought big successes, and soon he gained the tittle of the Wise and Worthy Master. He began to have a followingRead More →

Such were some of various omens. Emperor Ling, GREatly moved by these signs of the displeasure of Heaven, issued an edict asking his ministers for an explanation of the calamities and marvels. Court Counselor Cai Yong replied bluntly: “Falling rainbows and changes of fowls’ sexes are brought about by the interference of empresses and eunuchs in state affairs.” the Emperor read this memorial with deep sighs, and Chief Eunuch Cao Jie, from his place behind the throne, anxiously noted these signs of grief. An opportunity offering, Cao Jie informed his fellows, and a charge was trumped up against Cai Yong, who was driven from theRead More →

Emperor Huan paid no heed to the good people of his court Three Heroes Swear Brotherhood In The Peach Garden;One Victory Shatters The Rebels In Battlegrounds. Domains under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide. This has been so since antiquity. When the rule of the Zhou Dynasty weakened, seven contending kingdoms sprang up*, warring one with another until the kingdom of Qin prevailed and possessed the empire*. But when Qin’s destiny had been fulfilled, arose two opposing kingdoms, Chu and Han, to fight for the mastery. And Han was the victor*. theRead More →

Tou of the Swallow Hills had the right method. Men at their birth, are naturally good. Their natures are much the same; their habits become widely different. If follishly there is no teaching, the nature will deteriorate. The right way in teaching, is to attach the utmost importance in thoroughness. Of old, the mother of Mencius chose a neighborhood and when her child would not learn, she broke the shuttle from the loom. Tou of the Swallow Hills had the right method. He taught five sons, each of whom raised the family reputation. To feed without teaching, is the father’s fault. To teach without severity,Read More →

Dip among doorways of the poor. Liu Fangping A MOONLIGHT NIGHT When the moon has coloured half the house, With the North Star at its height and the South Star setting, I can fed the first motions of the warm air of spring In the singing of an insect at my green-silk window. Liu Fangping SPRING HEART-BREAK With twilight passing her silken window, She weeps alone in her chamber of gold For spring is departing from a desolate garden, And a drift of pear-petals is closing a door. Liu Zhongyong A TROOPER’S BURDEN For years, to guard the Jade Pass and the River of Gold,Read More →

Let bugles cry our victory! Lu Lun BORDER-SONGS II The woods are black and a wind assails the grasses, Yet the general tries night archery — And next morning he finds his white-plumed arrow Pointed deep in the hard rock. Lu Lun BORDER-SONGS III High in the faint moonlight, wildgeese are soaring. Tartar chieftains are fleeing through the dark — And we chase them, with horses lightly burdened And a burden of snow on our bows and our swords. Lu Lun BORDER-SONGS IV Let feasting begin in the wild camp! Let bugles cry our victory! Let us drink, let us dance in our golden armour!Read More →

How gladly I would seek a mountain Meng Haoran FROM QIN COUNTRY TO THE BUDDHIST PRIEST YUAN How gladly I would seek a mountain If I had enough means to live as a recluse! For I turn at last from serving the State To the Eastern Woods Temple and to you, my master. …Like ashes of gold in a cinnamon-flame, My youthful desires have been burnt with the years- And tonight in the chilling sunset-wind A cicada, singing, weighs on my heart. Meng Haoran STOPPING AT A FRIEND’S FARM-HOUSE Preparing me chicken and rice, old friend, You entertain me at your farm. We watch theRead More →

Li Bai PARTING AT A WINE-SHOP IN NANJING A wind, bringing willow-cotton, sweetens the shop, And a girl from Wu, pouring wine, urges me to share it With my comrades of the city who are here to see me off; And as each of them drains his cup, I say to him in parting, Oh, go and ask this river running to the east If it can travel farther than a friend’s love! Li Bai A FAREWELL TO SECRETARY SHUYUN AT THE XIETIAO VILLA IN XUANZHOU Since yesterday had to throw me and bolt, Today has hurt my heart even more. The autumn wildgeese haveRead More →