Given that the US economy is driven by domestic demand, consumption in particular, instead of exports, a high rate of eco nomic growth will widen the trade deficit, as it would have to import more products than it exports. In such a situa tion, the implementation of large-scale infrastructure construction projects would further increase the trade deficit. To make up for the increasing savings gap, the US needs to introduce and use more foreign ca pital, which will further enlarge the trade deficit. Therefore, the US cannot simultaneously maintain a high g rowth rate, invest massively in infrastructure, reduce the trade deficit and restrict theRead More →

essure, and psychological experts say that thinking of nothing is a mental adjustment for people, which is good for health as it can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression by 25 percent, according to Workers’ Daily. If people can’t manage their emotions effectively under high pressure, it will harm their family life, work and social life, experts say. The suggestion sparked reaction from netizens, with Sina Weibo user Happy little witch123 asking, “Is it ok if I accumulate the daily five minutes and me ditate a hour on one day?” A WeChat user named yuenyuen said, “I’m not bragging but I can meditate forRead More →

gion must focus on the key elements of greater integration and high-quality developmen t to lead the growth of the whole Yangtze River Economic Belt and East China, the statement said. The meeting called for better awareness of integrated development and putting the region’s growt h into the perspective of a unified strategy, as well as the development of a modern economic system. It also required adequate coordination and implementation to ensure the effective implementation of various tasks in the plan. The delta region, including Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, is among the areas with the most robust econ omic growth, the highestRead More →

including existing ski resorts and some newly built projects, to host all eight Olympic snow sports in 2022. The three clusters will be connected by a new high-speed railway, which will be completed by t he end of this year. It looks beyond the Games to boost future winter sports tourism. According to the organizing committee, all 26 venues for 2022 will be ready by June next year with the f irst test event, a World Cup skiing series, scheduled to be held in Yanqing’s National Alpine Skiing Center in February. About 90 percent of the earth moving work for the mountain center is nowRead More →

powerplants, human performance, weather, airports and other ar eas,” the agency said, adding that it expects to brief the media later in the day. The plane, chartered from Miami Air International, was attemp ting to land at about 9:40 pm local time amid thunder and lightning when it slid off the runway and came to rest in the shallow water of the river, authorities and passengers said. The military base is on the western bank of the St. Johns River about 8 miles (12.87 km) south of central Jacksonville, about 350 miles (563.27 km) north of Miami. Miami Air International is a charter airline operatingRead More →

rch Institute of Multidisciplinary Science at the Beijing Institute of Technology, was a winner of the Beiji ng May Fourth Youth Medal, an honor awarded to outstanding young people from all walks of life in the capital. “As a researcher and an educator, I will focus on combining the pursuit of science with the country’s interests and people’s needs and try to make greater ach ievements in the teaching and research of environmental protection and green energy,” Wang said. Yan Xiaojun, Party secretary of the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Beih ang University, said Xi’s speech has provided a direction to help youngRead More →

ce exchanges between their legislatures, political parties, youth, think tanks, media and local authorities to cement their people’s support for friendly bilateral ties. Bhandari said the joint building of the Belt and Road is a historic initiative and has an important global influence. The initiative has served as a good platform for Nepal-China cooperation, she said. The Nepali president expressed her congratulations on the 7 0th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and s aid it is admirable what the Chinese people have achieved under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. China is a true friend of Nepal, andRead More →

orts and exports rebounded sharply in March, reaching 9.6 percent higher than March 2018. S o, overall trade grew by 3.7 percent year-on-year in the quarter despite low growth rates in January and Febru ary. Exports of electrical and mechanical products, which are higher value added, grew by 5.4 percent in the qua rter. And, private sector trade grew 9.9 percent, far more than the overall growth rate. I am worried to see that total investment in real estate grew by 11.8 per cent year-on-year. Having lived through the 2008 finan cial crisis in the United States, I’m wary of continued high investment in realRead More →

China’s plan to involve international communities in its space mis sions to jointly conduct space research shows its determination to further enhance global coop eration in space projects, according to the director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. That incl udes opening up its planned space station to other countries, especially developing countries. China’s space station, which is expected to be completed and operating by 2022, will be the world’s first space station open for cooperation with all UN member states in manned space flights and exploration. The station will be able to sup port research on astronomy, space life sciences, biotechnology,Read More →

year-on-year in the first quarter, compared with 5.7 percent in the previous quarter. The ministry said more than two-thirds of enterprises it surveyed received ample orders to keep factories busy after the Spring Festival break, also signifying an upward trend. Qu Xianming, an expert at the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, s aid the sound performance in the first quarter is the result of improved market expecta tions and it mirrors the resilience and sustainability of the country’s manufacturing sector. “The central government said in March that it would slash the value-a dded tax rate of 16 percent in manufacturing to 13 percent. Such anRead More →