bstacles to those that Asian and Latin American platforms previously had to overcome, including a lack of reliable payment systems, low trust between buyers and sellers, and logistics and deliv ry bottlenecks. But the experience of other regions shows that these shortcomings can be addressed over time. Internet regulations must not be disruptive The bigger risk to these platforms stems from the inevitable and necessary increase in regulation of the internet arou nd the world. In particular, diverse national regulatory regimes may inadvertently or deliberately disrupt or bloc k the international development of e-commerce ecosystems, hurting lower-income countries in the process. Avo iding the creationRead More →

 module, and two lab capsules of the space station and an extravehicular experiment platform will be built. Each rack i s regarded as a lab that can support various space experiments, and astronauts can upgrade and replace the facili ties. In addition, a capsule holding a large optical telescope will fly in the same orbit as the station, according to a report by Xi nhua News Agency, quoting the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Wednesday. Di Pippo said opening up the space station to the world, especially to developi ng and emerging countries, is a goodRead More →

ival, Tomb-sweeping Day, May Day and Dragon Boat Festival, all saw a marked increase in the number of domestic tourists. During the three-day Tomb-sweeping Day holiday that ende d on April 7, the number of domestic tourists reached 112 million, a 10.9 increase year-on-year. Apart from sightseeing, more Chinese tourists now opt to exp erience the cultural essence of their destinations by visiting local museums. Over the past three years, visitors to Chinese museums have been growing by about 100 mi llion each year, Liu Yuzhu, head of the National Cultural Heritage Administration, told reporters earlier this year. During the week-long Spring Festival Holiday inRead More →

ber of Commerce, said that industrial and trade relations between the EU and China will i ncrease following the meeting, and that China has made great efforts to open its market to European companies. “China’s new Foreign Investment Law, which has just been (approved), will greatly reassure European investors of the com mitment of the Chinese government to further protect foreign investments in China,” he said. Wang Yiwei, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China, said in an article published in the People’s Daily Overseas Edition on Wednesday that the Chinese and EU lead ers’ strategic communication on important issues will helpRead More →

  The secretive Diego Garcia military base may be 1,000 miles from the nearest continent, but it has all the trappings of a modern American town.   The troops here can dine on burgers at Jake’s Place, enjoy a nine-hole golf course, go bow ling or sink a cold beer at one of several bars. The local command has nicknamed the base the “Footprint of Freedom.”   But while cars here drive on the right side of the road, this is not American soil: It is, in fact, a remote remnant of the British Empire.   That is because in 1965, in the middle of the Cold War, theRead More →

as well as between Pyongyang and other stakeholders on the Korean Peninsula, if Japan maintains its conservative strategy for North Korea, its overall Northeast Asia diplomacy will be affected. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would find it hard to shore up d omestic support through vibrant diplomacy. Tokyo can take advantage of the positive si gnals the next Trump-Kim summit generates to win the opportunity to boost its ties with North Korea. If Washington-Pyongyang ties are significantly enhanced, it will send a conciliatory messag e to Tokyo. Under the US-Japan-South Korea alliance and under the framework of US-Japan m ilitary cooperation, if North Korea isRead More →

A Russian woman who lives in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, has said she hopes that there will be more trains linking China and Europe in th future, so that one day sh e will be able to travel around the world by the China-Europe passenger train, reported on Feb. 1. With the Spring Festival approaching, almost all Chinese people are heading home fo r family reunions across the country. Instead of returning to her hometown in Russia, Li u Yina (Chinese name) has decided to stay in Wuhan and enjoy the traditional Chinese festival. Liu, who is fluent in Chinese, works for Wuhan Asia-EuropeRead More →

Huawei and Qualcomm settle temporarily: Huawei pays Qualcomm $150 million Quarterly According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm said Huawei had signed a short-term authorization agreement with Qualcomm. In a conference call with anal ysts on the company’s financial performance, Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer George Davis said Huawei would pay Qualcomm $150 million a quarter. Th e deal, which was concluded by Qualcomm in the first quarter ending December 30, will last until June 30. Qualcomm probably wants to concentrate on Apple’s patent war. Collection of Five Blessings: Occupy Your Blessing, Must Have Houfu and Other Hot Words This year Alipay’s new “flower card” and “luckyRead More →

On the 30th, an explosion occurred in Zhangjiakou No. 1 Bath Center in Hebei Province, killing two people and injuring two others. The official micro-blog of the Pro paganda Department of the Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China announced on the 31st that the cause of the accident was initially identified as the illegal use of obsolete coal-fired boilers by the bathing cent er, which resulted in rapid spray of steam and explosion of non-electric boilers. The briefing pointed out that at 15:55 p.m. on January 30, a boiler accident occurred in Kangmei Bath Center of H ongqi Building, Qiaodong District, ZhangjiakouRead More →

Either divorce or bankruptcy, what is the persistence that has engulfed the narrators we have just heard? What kind of product attracts these people to “buy and buy” all the time? A company called “Ranjian Universal” claims to have a health “juice” originating in the United States, which can cure all kinds of diseases and has magical effects, but it makes many consumers’families suffering from “lying down and winning dreams”. What secrets are hidden in this “Ranjian Global” called “Health Empire”? Is it more effective for reporters to “be promoted” than drugs? Reporters visited a coffee shop in Wuhan where members of global health productsRead More →