anghai, before moving to the US in 1935. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard’s design s chool, and spent the early years of his career designing buildings for a real estate developer in New York. Pei is known for his affection towards precise geometry and design details. He also ha d a strong reverence for light, as shown in the famous pyramid of the Louvre Museum. His significant works include the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in Manhattan (1979 to 1986), the Morto n H Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas (1982 to 1989), the Bank of China Tower in Hong KRead More →

ion as of the end of last year. Nearly 70 percent held a junior colleg e degree or above, accounting for almost half of all healthcare professionals, she said. Last year, there were 150 million people 60 years or above living with chronic diseases in China. Of those, 44 million were fully or partially disabled and in need of regular nursing services, she said. “With more nurses and nurse’s aides, the demand for nursing services from the elderly will be gradually met,” she said. The commission will also encourage community health centers to provide more nursing services for the e lderly in neighborhoods, Jiao said.Read More →

No need for dogs, cats to go through quarantine if they meet set conditions Pets owners no longer need to be separated from their beloved dogs or cats when they ar rive in China from overseas if they meet certain conditions, under a regulation that took effect on May 1. Dogs or cats with valid electronic chips arriving from 19 designated c ountries or regions no longer have to undergo weeklong quarantines if they pass on-site inspe ctions at ports of entry, according to the regulation released by the General Administration of Customs earlier this year. The designated countries and regions are New Zealand, Australia,Read More →

munity’s efforts to advance the Middle East peace process and the remarks by the president’s son-in-law and a dviser Jared Kushner indicating that an upcoming US peace plan does not include a two-state solution with the Palestinians sh ows the US is hoping to undermine the international consensus built on that premise. Given its complex and chronic nat ure, there is no quick remedy to the decades-old enmity between Israelis and Palestinians. But both sides need to exe rcise the utmost restraint so as to avoid sparking another vicious circle of violence. Meanwhile, the latest bloodshed should convince the inte rnational community of the urgencyRead More →

eggs” and “draining the lake to get the fish” has reached a dead end, Xi said. “We should protect the ecological environment as we pro tect our own eyes, and treat the environment as we treat our own lives,” he said. The president, who has advocated building a community with a shared future for mankind, also brings an international perspective to environmental protection. “In the face of environmental challenges, all countries are in a community with inter linked destinies, and no country is immune,” Xi said at the opening ceremony. The exhibition attracted more than 110 countries and internati onal organizations, as well as moreRead More →

l culture, which has contemporary value and relevance to the modern wor   ld, and show it. In this way we can on the one hand tell the world how and why China is wh at it is, and on the other have Chinese and other civilizations create benefits for mankind. It is hoped that the Conference on Dialogue of Asi Many pets entering China will now be subject to streamlined customs clearance procedures. As of Wednesday this week, dogs or cats from designated countries or regi ons that carry valid electronic chips and pass on-site inspection will no longer be subject to extended quarantine,Read More →

August, and its shares have slowly crawled back since Decembe r. Hong Tao, an analyst from GF Securities, said the tech heavyweight has faced troubles. JD’s adv anced logistics system, which is its core strength, has been overtaken by Alibaba’s Cainiao Logistics. JD is in the spotlight as it is reducing salaries for its delivery staff and seeing a round of shake-ups in its management team. Its chief technology officer Zhang Chen, chief lega l officer Long Yu, and chief public affairs officer Lan Ye, all announced their resignation within just one month. The company said in February that it would lay off 10 percentRead More →

but the gridlock in Parliament makes an early vote more likely. Opposition politicians think the only way forward is an early election tha t could rearrange Parliament and break its current political deadlock. They could try to bri ng down May’s Conservative-led government in a no-confidence vote, triggering a general election. Or the government could pull the trigger itself, if it thinks it has nothing to lose. May has promised to quit if her Brexit deal is approved and Britain left the EU in May. Even though it was defeated, she will still face huge pressure to resign, paving the way for a Conservative PartyRead More →

understanding as an opportunity to connect the BRI with Italy’s own development plans, including building seaports in northern Italy, Xi said. He called for upgrading bilateral cooperation in such priority areas as space technology, inf rastructure, transportation, environment and energy, and also expanding third-market cooperation in relevant fields. Conte said he considers participation in the BRI as a historic opportunity for Italy, a nd trusts the move will help the two countries tap potential for bilateral cooperation. Conte added that he expected to attend the second Belt and Road F orum for International Cooperation, which will be held in Beijing next month. Italian economist andRead More →

too little use electronic devices such as computer tablets and mobile phones, the survey fou nd, and youths whose parents use smartphones in front of them are more likely to have less sleep. Other factors, such as noise and light pollution, contributed to the problem, the report said. The survey also indicated that good sleep results in higher efficiency in study. Students who sleep longer generally fini sh homework in two and three hours per day, while those who sleep less require four to six hours. Gao Xuemei, vice-president of the society, said studies have shown that decreasing sle eping time for children and teenagersRead More →