en he visited a museum of broken relationships in Chengdu, capita l of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, with two friends in January. They tho ught it would be a good thing for Taiyuan to have a place for people to bury souvenirs from a failed relationship. They acted fast and opened the museum after three months’ preparation. The world’s first museum of broken relationships was founded in Croatia in 2006 by two artists, who ended their four-year relationship and got the idea of setting up a museum to house their leftover personal items. China has several museums of broken relationships now, in Nanjing, Chen gdu,Read More →

 government on Tuesday to consider the costs it would bear through raising tariffs. He reiterated that China will never capitulate under any external pressure and hopes the US meets China halfway. The US has no need to “worry about” China’s affairs, Geng said at a daily news conference. The country has made progress i improving its foreign investment environment and has become a popular investment destination, he sa id, citing the expansion of US-based Exxon Mobil Corp and Tesla Inc in the market last year. Geng stressed that China welcomes foreign companies to increase investment in the market and will co ntinue to establish aRead More →

ade negotiations. Many are in non-tradable sectors such as property develop ment, infrastructure, or concrete. Others are basically public utilities in telecoms or power. Some Chinese car companies are State-owned, usually by provincial govern ments, but the car business in China is very highly competitive and foreign brands are very successful. In any case, the continuing growth of an already large private sector should alleviate foreign concerns about competing with State-owned companies. During the George W. Bush administration, the US imposed tarif fs on Chinese steel, arguing that State-owned companies had an unfair advantage. But, US ste el companies also face higher costs because ofRead More →

Chinese economy can reach its indicative growth target of 6-6.5 percent in 2019. Lower growth rate may mean more room for adjustment Most Chinese economists seem quite comfortable with this targeted range. One explanati on is that China’s potential growth rate is 6-6.5 percent, and a target should be set accordingly. Another is that a lower growth rate would give the economy more room for structural adjustment. From 1978 to 2008, China averaged an impressive 9.5 percent annual g rowth rate. Then the global financial crisis struck, causing growth to plummet from 9.7 p ercent in the third quarter of 2008 to 6.6 percent inRead More →

four decades has been a blessing to not only our two countries, but the whole world,” said Cui Ti ankai, Chinese ambassador to the US, in his remarks during the awards presentation. “And the essence of the 40-year story is amity between the peoples, which lays the foundation for and shapes the future of our relations,” he said, adding that the stories shared by peoples from the two cou ntries through the My China Album series will always “be a source of inspiration and motivation for us”. Hundreds of US citizens participated in the series from Feb 6 to April 19, sharing their personal storiesRead More →

tiative for a very long time, Astle has identified many opportunities provided by the BRI and some great projects are already successfully being implemented with Chinese partners. The world’s only medicine treating spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is entering the Chinese market, it was announced Sunday. The drug is registered under the name Spinraza in the United States and European Union. Available in more than 40 countries and regions, Spinraza is expected to bring new hope for those who living with SMA, a genetic disorder that affects muscle control, in China. SMA affects between one in 6,000 and one in 10,000 in China, a nd aboutRead More →

 an independent choice based on the objective need of the country’s reform and development. This is helpful in promoting high-quality growth, meeting the people’s need s for a better life and promoting peace, stability and development of the world, he said. China also hopes that other countries will create a good investment environment, treat Chinese enterpris es, students and scholars equally and create a friendly environment for their normal international exchange activities, Xi said. Xi pledged to take stronger measures to promote international cooperation in protecting intellectual pro perty, which he said is not only crucial to protecting the legal rights of companies but alsoRead More →

portunities for all UN member states to propose experiments they want to conduct using China’s space station,” said Simone tta Di Pippo, director of the UNOOSA. “We have received more than 40 proposals before the deadline for sub mission. We will announce the winners probably by the end of June after evaluation.” Di Pippo said these on the sideli nes of the fourth China Space Day on April 24 to mark the anniversary of the country’s first satellite launch in 1970. Moreover, Pakistan intends to send one of their astronauts to China’s space station by 2022, A mer Nadeem, chairman of Space and Upper AtmosphereRead More →

 quarter, compared with 6.1 percent in the first two months, the National Bureau of Statistics reported. As favorable policies are implemented at all levels of government in the sec ond quarter, manufacturers will start seeing concrete financial benefits and industrial out put is expected to at least maintain a steady expansion from April to June, said Qin H ailin, a senior industrial economy researcher at the China Center for Information Industry Development. At the news conference, ministry officials also denied market rumors that China’s telecom carrie rs are slowing down their investments in 5G, the fifth-generation mobile communication technology. They said 5G is recognized asRead More →

ch as freezing nuclear and missile tests and demolishing some test sites, Pyongyang want s something in return. Which is not unreasonable, but so far has not been forthcoming. Washington should not anticipate Pyongyang denuclearizing in a wholesale, one-off mann er. After all, its nuclear missile programs are the sole bargaining chip it has in its hands. Rather than surrender its nuclear arsenal in a wholesale manner, it is in Pyongyang’s best inte rests to turn its engagement with Washington into an arms control regime between two nuclear states. It may be that a third Trump-Kim summit happens. But meaningful hea dway in denuclearization entailsRead More →