e online users double from 5.7 million in 2017 to 15.3 million in 2018. Insiders say as Chinese parents increase their spending on education, online education gets more recog nition and China’s internationalization progresses, online course users will keep growing, The Beijing News reports. The report echoes their opinion. Data from the report shows that the penetration rate of online education rose from 0.8 percen t in 2015 to 9.1 percent in 2018, up 11 folds within four years. It’s projected that the penetration rate will reach 12 percent in 2019. New users go for top brand Data from the report shows the market shareRead More →

ospital was ordered to solve management problems relating to the case, check on the condition of the surviving babies and console the parents. A deputy director of the health bureau of the Shunde district of Fo shan, Guangdong, was also fired, and others deemed responsible were punished. No new case has been reported in the hospitals that have treated the affected babies. The provincial health commission has ordered all the medical institutions in the province to check their infection-control procedures. The viral strain that affected the infants was identified by the commission as Echo 11. It is an intestinal virus to which chi ldren, especiallyRead More →

 Ventures, First Round Capital and Lowercase Capital made a killing in the IPO, some late-stage backers did not fare as well. Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp <9984.T >, for example, invested in Uber in early 2018 at $48. 77 per share. It also bought shares at a much lower price in a large secondary transaction. To be sure, other IPOs have traded well so far in 2019, including online scrapbook company Pinterest Inc, vegan burger maker Beyond Meat Inc and video-conferencing startup Zoom Video Communications Inc. But these were mu ch smaller startups than Uber that did not execute as many frothy fundraising rounds. Uber ChiefRead More →

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the popula tion expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the Nation al Health Commission, said there are not enough nurses to cope with the growing needs of the country’s elderly. A regulation on the training of healthcare workers and standards of service is being drafted. It is expected to boost the number of nurse’s aides, Jiao said ahead of International Nurses Day on Sunday. The nurse’sRead More →

as the capital of Israel and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that fueled the massive protests from Palest inians and the Arab world and deepened the enmity between the Palestinians and Israelis. The Trump administration has closely aligned itself with Israel’s right wing, and on Su nday night, US President Donald Trump reinforced this when he tweeted his “100%” su pport for Israel’s actions, blaming the violence on “terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad”. Israel and Hamas have fought three wars since the Islamic militant group s eized control of Gaza from Western-backed Palestinian forces in 2007, but its leader Ism ail Haniyeh saidRead More →

tain a breakneck pace of economic development, which has brought booming economic prosperity. Unfortunately, it has also brought a deteriorating environment. Seeing heavy smog, for ex ample, many people feel that a worsening environment will destroy the happiness brought by economic growth. Since 2012, the new leadership under President Xi Jinping has put forward a series of ecol ogical ideas. On Sunday, Xi said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition that “green mountains and cle ar waters are indeed mountains of gold and silver, and environmental improvement means great productivity”. This idea, dubbed the theory of two mountains, enjoys immense popular support in China.Read More →

ught about more than 70 years of general peace and rapid development after World War II. We mus t oppose a Cold War mentality and competitive rivalry, which go against the tide. We must firmly pro mote economic globalization, and prompt it to develop in a more inclusive, mutually beneficial, equitable and rat ional direction so as to realize a common prosperity and progress of humanity. Third, we should be disseminators of Chinese civilization. Many pun dits in the contemporary world think that China’s traditional culture contains important an swers to resolving difficult problems of today’s world. A nation’s most profound spir itual pursuits areRead More →

annually to support academic research on basic science, technology and technological innovation, said Xu Wenwei, Hu awei’s director of the board and president of the company’s newly established Institute of Strategic Research. Huawei posted first quarter revenue of 179.7 billion yuan last Monday, a year-on-year growth of 39 percent.A new burst of messa ging against China has been unleashed again by Australian newspapers and the Four Corners pro gram of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, giving the impression that hostile forces are threatening Australia. In Ma ch, former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans said, “a new form of Sinophobia is emerging”. He said this is onRead More →

ltancy, said: “The lawsuit against Liu will bring damages to the image and reputation of JD, hav e an impact on investors’ confidence, and cause fluctuations in its share price. Moreover, emp loyees’ trust in the company may also be affected as the Beijing-based tech heavyweight is laying off staff to cut costs.” Shen Meng, director of boutique investment bank Chanson & Co, said Liu’s case won’t chan ge his actual control over JD, which is now making some innovations to reassure investors. Liu owns 15.8 percent of JD’s stock and controls nearly 80 percent of the company’s voting rights. Liu was detained in Minneapolis,Read More →

China’s foreign trade climbed 3.7 percent year-on-year to 7.01 trillion yuan ($1.04 trillion) in the first quarter of this year, customs data showed on Friday. During this period exports grew 6.7 percent to 3.77 trillion yuan, while imports increased 0.3 percent to 3.24 tri llion, according to the General Administration of Customs.Editor’s Note: The United Stat es has repeatedly called on the World Trade Organization to cancel China’s and some other members’ developing country status and the special and differential treatments that come with it. Does the US’ dema The steady expansion of trade can be attributed to stable domestic economic growth and an increaseRead More →