public offering at $17 per share on Nasdaq Stock Exchanges, CNBC reported on Friday. This price is at the top of its expected range from $15 to $17 in a regulatory filing, indicating the value of the company at about $4.2 billion. Luckin Coffee raised $150 million in the most recent Series B+ round of financing, lifting the B eijing-based company’s valuation to about $2.9 billion, the company announced on April 18. With the aid of new technology, Luckin Coffee provides customers convenient service with innovative business model. “The old way is people looking for coffee. With us coffee finds the people,” Luckin Coffee’s Co-founderRead More →

duals look in real life without the posing, the filters, the photoshopping and the professional hair and make-up,” Martz said. Pan, the Renmin University researcher, also believes that pi ctures shared frequently on social media impose peer pressure on women. “If people around you look thin on WeChat Moments, you are inevi tably anxious to fit the general profile of having the ‘right look’,” she said. Articles have also gone viral in summer on WeChat Moments, with sensational headlines such as “Good-looking girls never weigh more than 50 kilograms” or “If you don’t lose weight in May, you will cry out loud in June”. ShenRead More →

l become a platform for people to experience natural beauty and t o better understand, and then materialize, Xi’s wonderful ecological ideas. When the sustainable developme ustin Irwin anad James Berry took turns to steer their boat o n Barkley Lake in western Kentucky, looking for Asian carp. It did not take them long to spot a school of fish. Stopping the boat, Berry started to feed a 180-m eter-long net into the water as Irwin maneuvered the boat to form the net into a large circle. With the net in place, they then steered the boat in a circle, banging the hull with aRead More →

med it was behind the horrific attacks. Yet whoever the perpetrators, the attacks on innoc ent people should be condemned in the strongest terms, and those responsible arrested and punished. Since Sri Lanka has been facing some political and e conomic problems, and increasingly acute social conf licts for the past few years, the attacks seem to reveal not just sectarian disputes but also cer tain people’s dissatisfaction with the situation in the island nation, and the rest of South Asia. The motive behind the attacks could be helplessness and desperation of certain sections of Muslims in South Asia. The rise of Islamic extremism hasRead More →

nergy of all parties, Belt and Road cooperation will definitely become deep and concrete, steady and extensive,” the report said. “The Belt and Road will become a road of peace, prosperity, opening up, green development, innovatio n, connected civilizations, and clean government. It wi ll make economic globalization become more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.” China will improve its oversight of human related scientific research and medic al tests under draft laws and amendments submitted to China’s top legislature for review on Saturday. Medical and scientific research related to human genes and embryos mi ght present risks to health or violate ethics, andRead More →

have improved the company’s stocking and inventory processes. “Earlier we were reliant on the intuitions and experience of the local operation team. With the use of technology like AI and big data, we are getting more accurate answers.” As a larger and older retailer, Walmart has constantly worked with startups, said McMillon, citing the new Omega 8 platf orm that enables retail innovation startups to collaborate with Walmart China to create better services for customers. McMillon cited the example of a scanning ring developed by a starup for Walmart that shortens pickup time for JD Daojia orders to less than 10 minutes and impr ovementsRead More →

 and to the world more widely,” said Macfarlane, the King’s College historian. A woman identified only as Marie, who has lived in Paris for 20 years, said: “This is a monument b uilding that belongs to the story of Paris, to the story of France. … Notre Dame is our story, our culture, our spirit.” An experiment conducted by Chinese and US scientists on improving monkeys’ cognitive function has been found to follow international animal rights standards, according to the Chinese research institute. The study implanted 11 rhesus macaque monkeys with copies of the human MCP H1 gene, which scientists believe is crucial for humans’Read More →

 “I want us to be able to leave the European Union in a smooth and orderly way as soon as possible,” she told reporters. Her EU peers, however, are sceptical about her ability to break the dead lock soon. They are exasperated with May’s handling of a tortuous and costly divorce that is a di straction from ensuring the bloc can hold its own against global economic challenges. Across from the summit venue, the EU executive celebrated its part in funding a global project that produced the first p icture of a black hole, prompting no shortage of ironic comments on social media about theRead More →

 Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, during the break. “The city is charming, with its long history and modern urban life, as well as its diversified snacks and world-famous Terracotta Warriors,” she said on Sunday. “The only annoyance was that there were too many people crowding every attraction, but it’s the holiday.” Some travelers opted to go overseas, and many of them stretched the holiday into a six-day vacation. The Lvmama report said that Thailand and Japan remained the tw o top choices for Chinese mainland travelers during the Tomb Sweeping holiday, followed by Indones ia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, France, Australia, theRead More →

 hectares, spreading due to windy weather. The forest fire first broke out at around 6 pm on March 30 at a remote spot in the mountains at an altitude of over 3,700 meters in Muli County. Local authorities dispatched more than 600 people to put out the blaze. After engulfing about 15 hectares of forest, the blaze was initially extinguished Tuesday. A lightning strike has been confirmed as the cause of the fire, local authorities said earlier. The restarting of the fire was caused by strong wind in the area, sources said. China’s health and education authorities pledged to work together to control child myopiaRead More →