China plans to promote the applications of digital technologies in rural areas to boost local development. As a step towards rural modernization and transformation, digital rural development play s a crucial role in rural revitalization and building a digital China, according to the guideline jointly issue d by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council. The country has vowed to achieve initial development of buildin g digital villages by 2020, with 4G internet accessible to more than 98 percent of the adm inistrative villages and the digital economy growing rapidly in rural regions, the guideline said. WithRead More →

To encourage them to move, Guizhou authorities have used a better schooling for their children as bait,” said Zhang Qing of Guizhou’s provincial Education Department. “More than 130,000 children will be enrolled in the 1,600 preschool facilities and primary and secondary schools near their urban s ettlements. Also, 333 nurseries and junior high schools will be built to enroll some 50,000 relocated children,” Zhang added. To promote educational development and cultivate more high-quality teachers in the country’s central and w estern regions, China launched a State-level training program for rural primary and middle school teachers in 2010. Primary school teachers in Guizhou have joined theRead More →

According to a news release from the local fire department, the battery of an electric bicycle parked beside a building for s tudents ignited, starting the fire. The incident is still being investigated and some people have been detained. This is not the first fatal fire caused by an electric bicycle. In December 2017, five people were killed and nine injured when an electric bike started a fire in Beijing, and in July last year, one person was killed and another injured in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. In fact, type “electric bicy cle” and “fire” into any online searching engine and you will get hundreds ofRead More →

One person died and three were injured at a synagogue shooting in San Diego, California, on Saturday, San Diego County authorities confirmed. A man has been detained for questioning in connection with the shootin g at the Chabad of Poway synagogue, said San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies from the Poway station were called to Chabad Way, where the synagogue is located, just before 11:30 am. Multiple law enforcement sources told local media that four people were shot. Poway Mayor Steve Vaus told media that the facility was targeted because it was a place for the Jewish community to gather. “I understand that this wasRead More →

to qualified waste disposal operators. But it only paid 300 yuan per ton to individuals who carted it away to carry out unauthorized disposals, Xinhua News Agency reported. Qiu, the environmental official, also acknowledged that capac ity for authorized hazardous waste treatment is unevenly distributed across the country and enterp rises in areas with inadequate capacity could be dissuaded from lawful practices by high disposal costs. “The country‘s complete industry chain means that we generate a large variety of hazardous waste. The treatment is technically demand ing and it can be hard for some regions to have the capacity to handle all types of hazardousRead More →

transport, should also be encouraged.Yet travel safety is one thing that is more often than not ignored. Media reports publicize tourist s pots, especially before and during long holidays, while traffic safety education is rare, which is a pity bec ause traffic safety education and proper traffic management can prevent accidents. Jia Yuanhua, a professor of transportation engineering at the School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing said on Thursday that the United States sending acting military serviceman to Taiwan un der any pretext will undermine bilateral ties, urging Washington to change course. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the remarks af terRead More →

edge technology, is of great importance to China in terms of safety, efficiency, services and the development of industries. “China is paying great attention to the development of this technology. Our principle is to encourage trials, allow failures, ensure safety and oppose monopolies,” he said. Autonomous driving, although a new concept, has been embraced by many people. A survey re leased in November 2017 by JD Power, a global marketing information services company based in the United States, found that almost 80 percent of Chinese consumers welcomed autonomous driving, although they might hav e concerns about the safety of the technology and the lack ofRead More →

Luciana Berger, Gavin Shuker and Chuka Umunna announce their resignation from the La bour Party at a press conference on February 18, 2019 in London, England. Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday after Ryan’s resignation from the party, Labour MP Chris Williamson said that he had never known Labour to be “more united ” than it was now, adding it was “regrettable that a minority of MPs” were out of step with the popular mood in the country. Though many within the party have publicly moved to criticize Ryan’s decision , her departure will likely fuel concerns that further resignations could follow in the weeksRead More →

al affairs in Southeast Asia. Although Duterte’s strategies differ in some ways fro m those of his predecessors, the US still has strong influence on the Philippines. It is understandable that M anila may worry that the takeover of strategic facilities by Chinese companies could affect its relationship with the US. So me US politicians may also use the South China Sea issue to instigate reckless moves against Chinese investment. Politicizing investment is a pervasive problem faced by China as the country pushes forward the BRI. China and the Philippines need to make join t efforts to resolve the issue. China should back the establishmentRead More →

According to qilu evening news reported on January 28th morning, the Shanghai munic ipal first intermediate people’s court (hereinafter referred to as the same), to an administrative penalty cases inv olving food poisoning for public sentencing.68 customers through consumption “web celebrity shop” de ssert food poisoning, involved companies are engaged in the management of ready-to-use food wi thout permission, regulators involved enterprises over million yuan, confiscate the illegal income and concurrently fined and suspended food business licenses.The same final judgment rej ected involved enterprise cancellation claims of administrative penalty decision.   ”Web celebrity” dessert ingredients contaminated 68 people hospitalized after eating poisoning On July 19, 2017,Read More →