The government has started formulating matching regulations and rules to support implementation of the Foreign Invest ment Law, adopted two weeks ago, Li said, adding that supporting regulations will take effect along with the law on Jan 1. The draft amendment to the patent law has been submitted to China’s top legisl ators. It sharply increases compensation for infringement to a cost that violators will not be able to afford, he said. Forced technology transfers are prohibited and violators will receive harsh penalties, Li said. The complaint mecha nism for foreign-invested companies will be perfected to improve exchanges and coordination between the gover nment andRead More →

 said. “This is not only beneficial to the two countries and their peoples, but also conducive to the entire world.” The words came as the US Department of Commerce reported that the US trade deficit with China narrowed by 6.4 perce nt to $34.5 billion in January. US goods exports to China dropped 22.3 percent to $7.1 billion, the lowest since Sep tember 2010, and Chinese imports dropped 9.6 percent to $41.6 billion, the Commerce Department said. The trade imbalance has been at the center of monthslong tensions between China and the US. Other iss ues at the top of the list for their consultationsRead More →

Editor’s Note: President Xi Jinping visited Italy, Monaco and F rance from March 21 to 26. Why is the visit important for China-European Union rela tions? Two experts share their views on the issue with China Daily’s Pan Yixuan. Excerpts follow: Visit sets positive tones for China-EU relations Xi’s visit to the three European countries has yielded substantial fruits of cooperation, the most significant being the signing of a memorandum of understanding between China and Italy paving the way for Italy to participate in th e China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative to promote mutual development. The cooperation deals in fields such as trade and infrastructureRead More →

  levated China’s ties with Italy, Monaco and France to a new level, and injected new impetus into China-Europe compreh ensive strategic partnership, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.   When the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, Xi’s Europe tour, hailed b y the international community, is dedicated to deepening partnership for cooperation, improving global governance, and uphol ding multilateralism, which shows China’s sense of responsibility as a major country, Wang said.   In six days, the Chinese president attended over 40 events during his visit to five cities including Rome, Palermo, Monaco, Nice a nd Paris, Wang noted, addingRead More →

back the motion. Richard Harrington, who resigned as a junior business minister, accused the government of “playing roulette with the lives and liveli hoods of the vast majority of people in this country” by failing to resolve Britain’s Brexit impasse. The government said it was disappointed by the vote, claiming it “upends the balance between our democratic institutions and sets a dangerous, unpredictable precedent for the future.” But it also conceded that the new votes might be a way to break the months-long Brexit gridlock. May said she would “engage constructively” with the results of the process, though sahe said she was skeptical that itRead More →

found changes in the international situation and bilateral relations. He said the importance China attaches to its relations with France has not changed. China has always regar ded France as a priority partner of cooperation, and the two peoples keep a special friendship, he added. “This is a valuable asset that we must inherit and carry forward to keep China-France relations at the forefront of the times,” Xi said.  went on to say that the common pursuit for peace, development, fairness and justice has not changed. He said both China and France uphold the basic norms governing international relations underpinned by the purposes and principlesRead More →

ence” leader, to stop over in Hawaii on her way back to the island after an eight-day tour of thr ee Pacific island nations this week, Washington is breaching all established protocols and violating the 1979 Joint Communiqué. Beijing lodged “stern representations” with Washington on Thursday against Tsai’s transit in Hawaii. “We have consistently and resolutely opposed the United States or other countries which have diplomatic relations with China arranging this kind of transit,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ge ng Shuang said in Beijing. Beijing has urged Washington not to send “Taiwan independence forces any wrong signal”, Geng said. The method behind fluctuating policy of USRead More →

of the Straits, most of whom support the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with the motherland. But the separatist forces on the island, who represent a miniscule perce ntage of the island’s population, and their representative, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, have dev ised a counter-plan against the peaceful reunification plan to fulfill their own narrow political gains. And at sucha a crucial moment, 10 US Congress members have made a 7-minute video to commemor ate the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act to openly show their support to Tsai and her “pro-independence” supporters. Although they comprise a small part of the Congress, they holdRead More →

understanding as an opportunity to connect the BRI with Italy’s own development plans, including building seaports in northern Italy, Xi said. He called for upgrading bilateral cooperation in such priority areas as space technology, inf rastructure, transportation, environment and energy, and also expanding third-market cooperation in relevant fields. Conte said he considers participation in the BRI as a historic opportunity for Italy, a nd trusts the move will help the two countries tap potential for bilateral cooperation. Conte added that he expected to attend the second Belt and Road F orum for International Cooperation, which will be held in Beijing next month. Italian economist andRead More →

ssed in 2015 when the United Kingdom tried to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-initiated multilateral financial institution, and said it was only when all other European countries signed up for it that those concerns began to dissipate. “I expect the same thing to happen now (about the BRI),” he said. Sun Zhaolong, a researcher at the Academy of Contemporary China and World Stud ies, wrote in an article that Italy’s involvement in the BRI will play an exemplary role in attracting more cou ntries to the platform for international cooperation while allaying concerns of some countries over the initiative. Former Italian PrimeRead More →