As local economic data released in succession 2018, pointed pyramid city in China economic aggregate ranking have been settled.   For figure data figure, xinhua news agency   On January 28, the chengdu city bureau of statistics, the national bureau of statistics s urvey team relevant controller introduces, in chengdu, NBS survey office in sichuan province auth orized by sichuan province bureau of statistics, in 2018, the chengdu regional GDP totaled 1.534277 trillion yuan, calc ulated at comparable prices (the same below), an increase of 8.0% over the previous year.   First comb recently the government work report to all major cities of finance and econ omics andRead More →

Mobile phone Chinese news 】 【 people club department to make the public announcement recently, plans to release xperience, and puts forward Suggestions;To participate in the activities of e-sports. E-sports e-sports industry operating division refers to the organization activities and the content of operation personnel.Main task is e-sports event co ncept planning, overall planning and design and develop activities;Maintaining good relationship with online and offline me dia channels, theme of e-sports activities, brand publicity and promotion, coordination and s upervision;E-sports activities commercial value evaluation, the design activity sponsorship rights and interests, a nd expand the cooperation with sponsors, contractors;E-sports event coordination of various resources, orRead More →

According to qilu evening news reported on January 28th morning, the Shanghai munic ipal first intermediate people’s court (hereinafter referred to as the same), to an administrative penalty cases inv olving food poisoning for public sentencing.68 customers through consumption “web celebrity shop” de ssert food poisoning, involved companies are engaged in the management of ready-to-use food wi thout permission, regulators involved enterprises over million yuan, confiscate the illegal income and concurrently fined and suspended food business licenses.The same final judgment rej ected involved enterprise cancellation claims of administrative penalty decision.   ”Web celebrity” dessert ingredients contaminated 68 people hospitalized after eating poisoning On July 19, 2017,Read More →

Zhejiang hangzhou xiaoshan butyl lady in order to prepare for the exam, rented a room in the center of the xinhua bridge, don’t go out at ordinary times, the rice will order takeout.On January 18, butyl lady ordered a takeaway.Take-away little broth er orders less than half an hour, call ms ding said can’t find her.Due to ms ding to rent a house on the fifth floor, and the posit ion of the corridor is also not good looking for, so she repeatedly with each other on the phone to confirm delivery location. Video capture Themselves open to take-away little elder brother, said ms ding,Read More →

Venezuela’s more independence for the country’s opposition leaders melon “inter im President”, and won support from the us, to make the country into a serious political crisis. 24, the United States is still in the, in the day of the organization of American sta tes conference, spokesman urged 35 members, calling for it should be ad mitted that the government “melon” as soon as possible. In addition at the meeting, the United Stat es on behalf of, the secretary of state, peng admire Mr Also announced that, at the request of the melon many America prepare to provide more than $20 million (RMB 135 million)Read More →

Report from our correspondent (reporter China unionpay Sun Jiru) yesterday released the 2018 mobile p ayment security analysis report.According to statistics, the current scale of China’s mobile payment users h as reached 570 million, in the third quarter of last year, deal with the mobile payment business banking number, year-o n-year growth as high as 7 into many, mobile payment has become a food and beverage, convenience stores, shopping, tr ansportation, medical, take-away daily consumption, such as one of the most commonly used means of payment. People surveyed last year, according to the survey, the use of mobile payment consumed an average of 2600 yuanRead More →

24, north green news reporter learned from shunyi court that his discovery of ent ertainers dapeng (peng) houses the neo-treasure hill situation and ask it for more than 80000 yuan, a deng be se ntenced to fixed-term imprisonment on extortion charges for eight months of the year, suspended for two years, fine of 4000 yuan.Prosecutors accused, 2017, deng one of dapeng in Beijing shunyi a ho use are found illegal construction.So in 2018, from April to June 13 the daytime deng one many times in the w eibo release dapeng neo-treasure hill information as a threat, ask dapeng for 83 000 yuan.On June 13, 2018,Read More →

According to foreign media reports, Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has been accused of sala ry discrimination by the U.S. Department of Labor. A new federal document shows that Oracle withholds sala ries of female and minority employees, resulting in losses of nearly $400 million. In fact, as early as 2017, the contract compliance office under the U.S. De partment of Labor filed a lawsuit accusing Oracle of paying white male em ployees higher wages than other employees. But in order for the U.S. Department of Labor and Oracle to me diate the dispute, the lawsuit was shelved. Now the U.S. Department ofRead More →

  On January 22nd, jinan 5 g communication intelligence made auto test road, shandong first “unmanned bus” on the road test.According to introducing, the bus set automatic car driving system, network system, platform monitoring system, se curity control system, automatic shutdown system and station automatic parking sy stem into an organic whole, equipped with laser radar, high-definition cameras, integrated navigation positioning equipment.Can automatic deceleration, brake lights, and pedestrians.   Shandong first “5 g unmanned bus” on the road test   Unmanned bus bridge is equipped with a driver, but his hands and feet don’t operate steering wheel, brakes, clutch device s uch as a car, just moment monitoringRead More →

  January 21, unmanned star line technology (Roadstar. Ai) by WeChat, public announcement, said “decision to sack ambient light in the company of all position, all terminate the labor contract, with immediate effect.The company reserves the right to ambient light further shall be investigated for legal responsibility.”   In May 2018, A record of A round of funding for the start-up come into the mind of the public: A $128 million round of fin ancing, by double deep lake capital and venture capital group jointly led, YunQ i, ZhaoYin international capital, and capital and yuan jiing.At the same time, Roadstar. Ai also released domestically to complex urbanRead More →