na may move more toward monetary easing, joining a group of other major economies prone to dovish policy typified by more accommodative measures that stimulate growth, analysts said. This comes at a time when global central bank governors have become more concerned about an economic slowdown and put tightening measures on hold. Central bankers in the United States, European Union, Japan and Oceania have had a change in mood in the past month, given worries that a too tight monetary environment may not cushion the ir economies from shocks from trade tensions, Brexit and financial vulnerabilities. They sounded the alarm ov er global uncertainties afterRead More →

ral areas are at their lowest in February and March after discounting for the effects of winter’s cold snaps. Currently, a bout one-fifth of the population aged 80 and above have moderate to severe disabilities and chronic illnesses, but it is als o a fact that happier people cope better with illness and disability, regardless of age. Several studies in China clearly show tha t a key factor in elderly people’s life satisfaction is spending quality time with their children and close friends. It also wouldn’t be surprising if monthly births registrations in many villages and s mall towns show a spike around November andRead More →

Forget asteroids, it is the United States and its pathological need to maintain its he gemony at any cost that pose the biggest threat to humanity from space. In its latest Defense Intelligence Agency report, the US claims that Russia and Chi na have taken steps to challenge the US in space technology, blatantly ig noring the fact that space does not belong to it, and every country has the right to peacefully explore it. The report says that “long-standing technological and cost barriers to space are falling, enabling more countries and commercial firms to participate in sa tellite construction, space launch, space exploration andRead More →

The bureau is soliciting public opinion on the draft until Feb 20. With the new standard, major polluting gas from light-duty vehicles, including ca rbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, will be reduced by about 50 percent and em issions of particulate matter will be reduced by about 40 percent, according to the bureau. For heavy-duty diesel-powered trucks, the emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter are expected to drop by more than 60 percent, it said. Mobile sources, mainly vehicles, contributed 45 percent of locally generated hazardous particles known as PM2.5 in 2017, outnumbering all other types of sources, according to the bureau. Beijing hasRead More →

Zhou Xiaochuan, former governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), has won the UK’s 2019 Central Banking lifetime achievement award, according to the publication’s website. Zhou, the sixth winner of the award, stands out for his high levels of integrity, intellectual ri gor and bold reforms that have served the public interest in China and elsewhere, said a statement of the website. The Central Banking Awards were established to recognize outstanding perform ance in individuals and organizations in the central banking community. Zhou, who stepped down as PBOC governor in March 2018, had served in his position from December 2012-2018, which makes him China’sRead More →

In Pyongyang, Biegun and Kim Hyok Chol, DPRK’s special representative for US affairs, discussed “advancing Trump and Kim’s Singapore summit commitments of complete denuclearization, transforming US-(DPRK) relations, and building a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula,” the US State Department said in a statement. Trump and Kim met for their first summit in Singapore last June, during which Kim pledged to work toward the “co mplete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula, without providing a clear timetable or roadmap. US-led diplomacy aimed at getting the DPRK to abandon its nuclear program in return for outside concessions has since made little headway. Calling the AU a bannerRead More →

CHANGSHA – Luo Pengfei, 22, is a good communicator with the elderly as it is his job to visit them every day to remodel their furniture. “We visit the elderly to learn about their self-care ability, measure their bathroom area and threshold height, and check whether the floor will be slippery when getting wet,” said Luo, who works for K angle Nianhua, a company providing senior care services in central China’s Hunan Province. Luo will design the layout and then start home space reformation to clear hidden dangers, to give the elderly a safer home. In rooms where the elderly are prone to falls, Luo’sRead More →

Moscow in January 28 (xinhua) 28 (reporter liu Yang) Russian police annou nced that it had uncovered in Moscow the day before the national season, denis polyakov gallery of art th eft, and capture, a 31-year-old male suspect stolen paintings were retrieved intact. According to local media reports, a famous stolen pain ting is a famous Russian painter al heap, because of the Cri mean Mr Petri peak.27, a man from Moscow state column season denis polyakov gallery to remove the m asterpieces in public, and then quietly left the scene.Gallery announced that the painting was stolen and later the police. Interior ministry spokesman saidRead More →

According to Taiwan media reports, show [microblogging] and Zhou Yangqing emotional stability, the girlfriend’s unique charm let him move on the idea of marria ge, recently with the artists and employees traveling to Japan, the girlfriend is along with love, small two mou th and easy on social networking sites out photos, seems to be each other’s love view, sweet show conjugal love blind ma ny netizens, many netizens said: “what do you think is funny?A piece of white screen ah.” Show recently done staff travel, traveled to Tokyo Disneyland ocean, sea pavilion and food restaurant and other places, big rewa rd employees of style,Read More →

 Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Japanese Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Mori Saturday in Beijing. China-Japan relations have returned to a normal track due to frequent interactions between the two count ries’ leaders last year, Wang said, noting that “positive energy should be injected continuously” to maintain the hard-won momentum. Calling 2019 a vital year for both China and Japan, Wang said China was ready to work wit h Japan to promote the healthy and smoothy development of bilateral relations along the right track. “Stable relations are also helpful for the two countries to coordinate and cooperat eRead More →